Chimney Maintenance

Preventing fires is the number one reason to have your chimney inspected annually and preventing carbon monoxide poisoning is a close second, but avoiding costly chimney repairs is also a great benefit of having your chimney checked by a trained professional. Chimneys should not be neglected because when damage begins to occur, the chimney may no longer operate safely and repairs become more costly as time goes on. There is actually a lot that can go wrong with a chimney. It may be necessary to get chimney repairs for a variety of reasons, all of which are checked during an annual cleaning and inspection. Some of the most common types of chimney repairs are as follows: When chimneys are not properly maintained and do not get needed repair in a timely manner, brick chimney repairs, chimney reconstruction, fireplace chimney rebuilds, partial chimney rebuilds, or even total chimney rebuilds become necessary. Chimney structures can become vulnerable due to moisture, leaks, lack of preventative maintenance, cracking and more. Our trained professionals have the skills to properly inspect and maintain your chimney to avoid such repairs and reconstruction.